Fortuna Hotels

Collect stamps on your loyalty card and receive the 11th night in Fortuna Hotels* or in the Hotel Černigov for free! It´sreally simple. Ask for your loyalty card at the front desk or send an e-mail to and we'll send you your loyalty card by post.

For each night spent in Fortuna Hotels* or the Hotel Černigov you receive1 stamp. After you collect 10 stamps you will receive the11th night for free! You don´t have to send the completed card anywhere, just use the completed card as a voucher.

* This loyalty program is valid in the following hotels: Hotel Fortuna City, Hotel Fortuna West and Hotel Černigov.

Join the program VIP PREMIUM RB Club with CPI Hotels.

All the above information is mandatory and without completion in full, it is not possible to receive the loyalty card. By providing your e-mail, the client gives approval to use the data for marketing purposes.

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